Weekly Truth:

This is the thing we are telling our children daily this week! Hopefully you caught our point last week: God loves you no matter what you do. We are going to start at the bottom and build up from there! Your kiddos may know this already but it isn’t going to hurt to tell them this everyday for a week anyways. Our truth: All of us have fallen short, and continue to fall short of God’s perfect standard. Romans 3:23 Tell them this everyday this week! 🙂

New Principle:

We often tell our children something and hope they can either figure it out or remember it immediately… Yet when they are in school it takes weeks to solidify new principles. I want to challenge you to take it slow with them. As you teach them it takes consistently telling them basic things over time for them to remember and learn something new. See you have a benefit over them. You have a foundation of things you already understand. So, when you learn something new your brain is taking in the information and using your previous information to interpret and store this new information within your mind. This is a great benefit and it makes it so that the more you know the easier it is to learn new things. Sometimes this can be negative, such as when you have a negative foundation… Regardless, this is a great learning feature. Your children, they are still learning the human language, learning how things are connected, learning math, they are undeveloped! That’s why we need to take it slow. Teach them over and over again expecting only small gains. Your children may take off and learn some things extremely fast while other things it may take them a week or more to learn. Don’t hesitate to dwell on a weekly truth for more than a week if your child needs it. Don’t hesitate to give them grace when they haven’t become scholars or perfect humans overnight. They are children. They are growing. It will be alright. Remember, it’s the many small things that add up to a changed life. Take home: Take it slow with your children. Don’t expect perfection overnight. Bonus: Adults are just big children, so you can apply this to literally everyone.

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